What our clients have to say...

"So how do I know you are any good?" We hear you ask. Well, thankfully our past clients can give you an insight into their experiences.



1st Dan Judo Coach & Endurance Karter:


"If you want genuine results, lifestyle changes that work and no-nonsense expertise then Alex is the man you need behind you.


I have always been very fit. I had never seen the need for, nor have I ever really been impressed by your average Personal Trainer. This is where Alex is different. Alex has helped to structure my nutrition and workouts to not only maximize the results I see in the gym, the dojo and out on the circuit but to also make my life easier.


I’m a very fussy eater and live a hectic lifestyle so he has not had an easy task! He has helped me tailor my meals and workouts to suit my specific goals, always explaining the science behind it so I gradually learn for myself rather than just following orders. I’m spending minimum time training and am feeling better than ever! On top of all this Alex is a very motivational and competitive person to be around; you WILL reach your goals if you have him on board."


Rapid Fat Loss VIP Body Transformation


Constant motivator and supporter of your fitness goals and ambitions. Training someone face-to-face and ensuring that they stay on path is hard

enough, but Prolimit Fitness manages this challenge even over long-distance through Online coaching.


This professional's tips, advices, techniques and plans are something you would want - they will stay with you through the rest of your fitness journey. Could not have establish my gym motivation without him.


Building Fitness & Half Marathon Training


I started with Alex just over 4 months ago now and I can easily say that I feel a completely different person now to what I was back then. I started off having two sessions with him a week. He provided such a variety of sessions for me, ranging from cardio to weights to tabata style training and boxing (which I love!) and I really started to feel my fitness improve hugely straight away.


Doing these sessions also motivated me to go running by myself as well and I started doing charity runs as something to work towards which was really fun! Over the last month or so Alex and I have started training together to help with motivation and the difference it has made has been amazing!I have a completely different attitude towards exercising now; I train with Alex or go to the gym most days in the week, it has just become routine and I always leave the gym feeling ten times better than I did before.


Alex has not only helped me with the exercise and motivation side of things but also the nutrition side and as a result my diet is so much better and he has given me guidance on what my diet should look like to lose weight. As well as all this, the sessions I have with Alex are always fun without a doubt! I never ever thought I would say that I look forward to going to the gym until now! I would highly recommend Alex to everyone! Thank you so much :)


8 Week VIP Body Transformation:


I had been trying to get myself back into shape after years of bad eating and little exercise and whilst I had just completed my first 10k charity run my weight loss and fitness had stalled. I have always been put off by big gyms and PTs in general but it quickly becameclear after meeting him that Alex was not there to give the hard sell or judge but to support and encourage me to find something I would enjoy and could sustain.


So it started with tabata sessions which were always varied and I actually found myself enjoying exercise for the first time in years. I have since gone on to complete the 8 week challenge where I have added gyms sessions along side these classes, which combined with the amazing personalised healthy eating plan has got me to a place where I genuinely feel fitter and healthier than I can ever remember. And because of the support and encouragement he continues to give I now have the confidence where I know I can carry on to reach any goal I set myself.


Alex is a really genuinely a great guy with no hidden agenda so if you are already a fitness freak or a complete newbie don't hesitate to contact Alex as he will do everything possible to help you reach your goals.


PT Boxing


I have always struggled to keep up with exercising.. the best I did was join the gym for 2 months and go about 6 times. I knew I wanted to get fit but had no motivation to actually do it. I spoke to Alex and he promised me he could find something for me, that will keep me interested and actually enjoy working out.


I started boxing with him twice a week, and have so far kept at it for more than 4 months! I am really enjoying it and the sessions fly by. More importantly, I can really feel a huge difference in my fitness. Before, I would start wheezing after just a few minutes of exercise. Now I don't wheeze at all and can keep going for the whole session! Even more impressively, I have managed to complete a few 5k jogs, cutting a minute off my PB each time. 6 months ago I wouldn't have been motivated or able to run even 1k.. with Alex's help, I actually want to do more to keep fit, and it is no longer a great struggle! Thank you Alex :)


Strength & Conditioning: 


"After months of frustration as a result of no significant improvements with general strength, definition or fat loss, I approached Alex for guidance. Instantly, he knew the areas of my training regime that were proving unsuccessful and quickly devised a new plan to help me with my goals.


The new routine was not only refreshing and motivational; within a number of weeks I could see and feel significant improvement. Whenever I needed advice, Alex would respond swiftly and adjust certain parts of the routine accordingly to further enhance my workout. Furthermore, Alex would make sure to check up on my progress regularly and suggest new ideas to achieve my targets.


I highly recommend approaching Alex and ProLimit Fitness for a professional, yet personal service that goes above and beyond the call of duty to help realize your fitness ambitions.