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Founded in 2013, ProLimit Fitness set out with a goal to  
That’s right, you did read that correctly. We don’t sell personal training.
We sell RESULTS!
To get real results, there is no quick fix or easy solution. It requires hard work and consistency. That is why we offer a range of packages instead of personal training by the hour, to make sure we work together to achieve your goals.
From Online Coaching to Face-To-Face Sessions, your goals are achievable. So whatever your preference, click below to discover how you can achieve your dreams with us.


Alex Murray



As an accredited EIF Master Trainer, specialist Body & Lifestyle Transformation Coach and proud founder of ProLimit Fitness, Alex offers the best in lifestyle transformations. He practices what he preaches, and can provide you with in-depth exercise and nutrition coaching from a knowledgeable background.


With experience in training for a variety of sports from Rugby to Kitesurfing to Triathlon, He has a wide skill set that can help you achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, drop a dress size or just wanting to get a bit fitter, he can provide the highest quality transformation coaching experience to achieve the results you want.



Packages are completely bespoke creations based on your lifestyle, however we want to give you an idea of comprehensive support you can expect from us during your transformation:
Bespoke 1-to-1 Private Training Sessions
Full Fat Loss 28 Day Meal Plan
Downloadable Exercise Library
'Eat Clean, Get Lean' Recipe Book
Monthly Goal Check Up With Your Trainer
24/7 Coaching Support By Email & Phone
Subscription to our VIP Email List
Gold & Silver VIP Transformation
2-3 Sessions Per Week
From complete beginner to intermediate level. If you are new to the gym, it can be a daunting place to start working out, even if you have a programme. That's why we created the Unlimited package; a chance for us to guide you through as many of the workouts as necessary to build your confidence rapidly and make sure your technique is spot on. 
Bronze VIP Transformation
1 Session Per Week
This package is for the more experienced exerciser. If you are confident with your ability and technique, this package is the one for you. Weekly sessions will ensure you have regular contact with your trainer to keep you on the right path, but ultimately the responsibility lies with you to complete your weekly workout quota.
Online VIP Transformation
Online Programme Only
This package is for those not in the local area. If you would like to transform your life and body but you aren't local to the Frimley area, fear not! Our online programmes cater for everyone from complete beginner to regular gym goer, and give you the best support via phone and email. Our bespoke app also makes sure you stay on track with your programme with a comprehensive video collection! 
To find out more about the programme that would best suit you, click the link you are most interested in below to contact us today.


Phone: 07837 567541
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